Thursday 10 July 2014

Gone Avery

On first listening to Gone Avery they reminded me a lot of Imagine Dragons. Their heavy use of guitar chords certainly makes them rocky, but like Imagine Dragons, heavy pop influences are evident in their songs in their lively melodies with an easy hook that makes for fun listening. The band is from L.A and they released their first EP, ‘Lost and Forgotten’, in 2012. Since they have built up a relatively enthused fan base and have played in a variety of top venues in California.

Imagine Dragons’ hit ‘Radioactive’ debuted as the credits rolled on the film Host, which was based on the book by Stephanie Meyer, better known for the Twilight series. The film Host lacks much of the darkness and the intrigue and the sophistication (yes, I said it!) that is evident in the Twilight films, which made Radioactive a perfect credit rolling song: upbeat, catchy, and one that is easy to jump up and down to without the fear of their becoming wrapped up in a mosh pit. In comparison, the Twilight films featured classics such as Muse’s ‘Super Massive Black Holes’ and Radiohead’s ‘15 Step’.

Though it sounds like I am digressing, this difference between the two Meyer film adaptations rose in my mind as I listened to Gone Avery’s first few tracks ...

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