Sunday 6 April 2014

Waiting for the Dawn: Alex Bay’s 'Daylight'

‘Nobody Like You’, the first song on Alex Bay’s EP Daylight, begins with a ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ in a gruff male voice, opening the record in a rock ‘n’ roll vein that isn’t sustained. Indeed, the rest of the EP, 5 songs in total, are more 90s mellow rock than Babyshambles or Kings of Leon. This is not a straight up criticism of Daylight, for with Bay’s lack of pretention and heaps of self-assuredness, at its most powerful the music is reminiscent of the best of Joseph Arthur or Eagle Eye Cherry, and needs not be rocky to be good.

Bay is from North Hertfordshire. This is his first EP and his voice sounds more mature than his 24 years. ‘Nobody Like You’ breaks earlier than you are expecting. A chorus of other voices rises behind Bay and it is very quickly great fun. Bay has a confidence in his own sound – even if at this point a listener isn’t completely sure what that is – which spurs on feet tapping and head nodding, if not banging. In addition to this, perhaps the first thing you notice is the quality of the sound production. The songs sound full-bodied and are as crisp as a bell. As Bay is still relatively young to the music industry, this level of production is impressive, and allows a listener to relax, confident that they are in the hands of someone who know what they are doing.

Woven in and out of the backing chorus in this song and some of the others, are the strings of a tragic violin, occasionally backed by two or three more ...

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