Saturday 8 March 2014

Songs of Roland: Roland Satterwhite at the English Theatre Berlin

Even in Berlin the theatre can be more restraining than liberating. The audience are quiet and compelled to respect the sanctity of the place. There is polite applause, and no raucous bawling. Therefore when a gig is performed in a theatre its nature is consequently altered. There is clapping, and perhaps appreciative cheering, but only minimal whooping and all bottle flinging is held in check. Everyone is nervous of jiggling legs knocking over glasses of white wine schorle and after half the set list all are shuffling to relieve numb butt cheeks. More London Symphony Orchestra than Southbank bear pits.

For the performer however, playing in a theatre can go either way; they may, like the audience, restrain themselves in awe under the proscenium arch, or they can find liberation on stage and a licence to perform a new role. The latter appeared the case for Roland Saterwhite who on February 14th played his first concert in a Berlin theatre at English Theatre Berlin. As well as being a musician, Roland practices free improvisation, and therefore it was perhaps expected that this wouldn’t take the form of a regular concert.

However at first, emerging amongst a half constructed set, caught in the lights Roland appeared like he was indeed scared of the stage. He crept ... 

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