Monday 30 December 2013

Organic Dance, Recycled Sound: Pick a Piper at Fluxbao

The room was smoky, and filling up. There was condensation on the window that looked out to Warschauer Strasse, enveloped in the fog that had descended upon Berlin. Inside the club - that magical place we hear about in the charts, where anything can happen and we put our hands in the air - the crowd wait for Pick a Piper.

This club was Fluxbao, near Schlesisches Tor in Berlin. It was the beginning of December and no-one was sure at what time the ban were to start. It didn’t appear to say anywhere. But at some point after 9 o’clock the three-piece from Canada appeared from the shadows and onto the stage to whoops and claps and a slight ripple of bodies forward. They begin with a loud clash and in moments the beat of the drums and synth chords had taken possession of the club.

But they were called to an abrupt stop only a few moments later, as with a scratching hiss one of the speakers blew and the last remnants of the introductory song trailed off ...

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            Pick a Piper -

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